The first KAOHSIUNG TODAY will be held from 24th – 26th June in South Hall of Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC). The organizer, Taiwan Art Gallery Association who has committed itself to ART TAIPEI for over 20 years, will transfer its successful experience of international art fair to Kaohsiung for connecting local and international art market.  In addition to the important local art masters, classic artworks from Japan, China and Singapore will also be presented in the fair which is expected to be the most discussed event in Southern Taiwan during summer.


Heavyweight artworks make presence in Southern Taiwan

With the curatorial concept in mind, the art fair features five sections including Galleries, Art In Progress, Southern Taiwan Art Groups, Austronesian Art and Art’ccupy. Galleries, as the main section of KAOHSIUNG TODAY is expected to build the bridge between Taiwan and the global art scene. Galleries that are established for at least 3 years from Taiwan as well as other regions will showcase a huge variety of art works. Paintings, sculptures, installations and artworks of various media can be found here.

The local Kaohsiung gallery, J.P. ART CENTER, will present a solo exhibition of Taiwanese middle-aged artist Chihung Yang, whose works have been exhibited in many countries all over the world, and a list of the whole new artworks of Yang will make its debut in KAOHSIUNG TODAY. Also, Chini Gallery will bring the works of the worldwide renowned artist Ho Kan, who will have a grand solo exhibition in Taipei Fine Art Museum in the end of this month. Art lovers in Southern Taiwan will have the chance to enjoy museum-quality art fair in the neighboring area.

In addition to the major galleries from the Northern, Middle and Southern Taiwan, the organizer also selected eminent galleries from Japan, Singapore and China. Positioned itself as an art exchange platform, KAOHSIUNG TODAY will introduce world renowned artworks of Japanese art group Gutai. Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery from Osaka will show the masterpieces of Gutai artist Sadamasa Montanaga, who has been known for his technique of dripping, splashing and pouring paintings. Founded in 1960’s in Ashiyashi, Japan, Gutai represents a radical and energetic approach to artmaking. For the past 10 years, the value and importance of Gutai have been greatly re-estimated by the world. Meanwhile, the price of Gutai’s works hit its highest record on several international auctions. Apparently, Gutai’s work has become a new target to collectors. Singaporean gallery Kato Art Duo will present the geometric abstraction works of Onosato Toshinobu whose collector base is steadily growing up in U.S. and Japan. With numerous heavyweight artworks demonstrating their efforts in the fair, the public will surely be amazed by KAOHSIUNG TODAY.


Unlimited potential: Art In Progress

The Art In Progress section features established mid-aged artists between 40-60 years old with future potential. BaBiSong from Pingtung will present mixed media ink paintings created by local artist Mi-li-tsun Nan. As modern inks continue to be a hot trend in art market, the works by Mi-li-tsu Nan provides a new perspective for the public to see the creation from a local artist. Located in Tainan, Han Art Agency plans to exhibit the works of a Chinese realistic painter, Cen Long, who excels in depicting people and scenery of Chinese borderland which presents the contemporary context within different space-time.


From Southern Taiwan Art Groups to “Fish Snipers”

KAOHSIUNG TODAY reconstructs the trace of local art groups

In order to express the gratitude for pioneering artists who opened up a wide view for people, KAOHSIUNG TODAY is proud to announce Southern Taiwan Art Groups to be another highlight of the art fair. Through presenting the works of local art groups, audience may have a closer look on the art history of Southern Taiwan. Simultaneously, the organizer invites a local art group, the Fish Snipers, led by Chun-shien Li, former Director of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA) to show their works in the exhibition. Fish Snipers pays attention to the topic related to people, ocean, island, ecology and culture through various art forms like painting, mixed media, installation and photography. With their presence, audience will be able to enjoy the unique and dynamic energy from Southern Taiwan art scene. The local perspective will be presented in front of international galleries and collectors through the exhibition. Moreover, this section is also expected to generate and promote collaborations between local artists and international galleries. Undoubtedly, the first edition of KAOHSIUNG TODAY, as a platform, plays a significant role to voice for art in Southern Taiwan.


Austronesian Art, linking the cultural network of pan-Pacific area

As the source of Austronesian language and the northernmost area of Austronesian culture, Southern region of Taiwan with favorable geographical position has been seen as a steppingstone to link with and explore Austronesian culture, the idea of setting up the Austronesian Art section has thus come from this background.  Austronesian Art section will showcase multicultural works in the fair and furthermore connecting the cultural network of pan-Pacific area. The series “ Trace, Layer, Carve and Paint” by well-known Payuan artist, Etan Pavavalung, will be shown in the booth of TICA Art Gallery.


Other highlights: public art and emerging artists

Art’ccupy,  known as a public art section, will show the installation work of well-known Taiwanese, Li Kuang Yu, as well as large-size artworks from Japanese and Italian artists are expected to capture huge attention from the crowd. In addition to classic masterpieces, among exhibited artworks, there are also numerous works from emerging artists, for example, the work of Fan Yang-Tsung  brought by Aki Gallery, Hung Po-Hsun from Soka Art Tainan or art group LIN Yu­Ching & WEI Hsing­ Yu from Dynasty Gallery, are all of the new art forces that cannot be ignored.


A glamorous art feast: KAOHSIUNG TODAY
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Show Information

VIP Preview

June 23rd , 2016 15:00-20:00

Public Opening

June 24th -26th , 2016 

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12:00-20:00(June 26th 12:00-19:00)


Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC), South Hall 1 & 2

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